AdTech Meet-up London #mobile #startups

Most people probably hide embarrassing interviews – but I’ll post mine publicly and learn from it instead.

In the words of my boss – ‘this is classic VIOLETA with over-enthusaism’. **Also – wanted to clarify that I had not drank the ‘free wine’ discussed in the video before filming this. It really was just me being too nervous and excited in from of a camera. 

Look out for the actual talk on my blog soon!

Also – definitely hating the whole paper business card situation. It’s so inefficient and they end up sitting on my desk for weeks until I finally throw them away. I’ve met multiple start-ups trying to solve this problem (with mobile phones – obviously), so hopefully one of them reaches the early majority soon.  #nomorepaper

In front of a microphone.

I may not be able to sing or act, but I can public speak. There is nothing like the rush of standing in front of a theatre of people all looking at you – the eye contact of the first row and the blur of the last row. It’s not simple, but practice makes it easier.

The weakness in your knees pulling you down, but the strength of your shoulders pulling you up.