Over the years, tofu has gotten a bad reputation of being only for vegetarians, tasting bland, and being unpleasantly chewy. There are too many loud voices against tofu, and not enough proponents willing to clear the bad reputation. I believe the product itself is not the problem; tofu just needs a new marketing strategy. You can do pretty much anything to tofu: grill it, poach it, scramble it, stir-fry it, simmer it in a curry, or make it into burgers. When prepared properly, tofu can be a wonderful addition to any dish. Plus, it has high protein content that adds health benefits to all. The bad reputation comes from unawareness and apprehension to explore tofu as an ingredient in meals; thus, we need to start a conversation in order to re-brand tofu. Help end the pre-determined discrimination against tofu by giving it another proper taste before completely writing it off.

What makes you happy?

What makes you happy?

I am a coffee shop enthusiast who collects loyalty cards like lucky pennies. Coffee shops are my third home. I love everything about them: the smell of black coffee, the sound of foaming milk, and the short bursts of wind that brush against my skin when the door opens. Just thinking about the wooden tables and skinny soy lattes can bring all my senses to life. I’m one of that person who owns four ‘Coffee Shops of London’ books, knows the barista’s name and often goes ‘exploring’ for new hidden gems. It may not be a prestigious hobby, but finding a new coffee shop with Wi-Fi brings me instant joy. I’ve written countless essays, had numerous important conversations, and discovered new music in coffee shops – and every trip manages to make me happy. A simple “black coffee for here” can always brighten a gloomy Saturday afternoon.

I also love to look around the population of each coffee shop: old friends with foreign accents that are catching-up, awkward first dates, students in-between lectures trying to stay awake after a night out, a business man with the daily newspaper and his iPad, an old woman with a Sudoku puzzle, and the struggling artist with a notebook filled with short stories and drawings of his half-empty cappuccino. For all you know, the person sitting near to you could be the next J.K. Rowling. Nevertheless you still avert your gaze after making accident eye contact. Coffee shops are the hubs or intellects, stressers, and artists alike. There’s no better place to people watch…

L’oeil de Brassaï et Montmartre…

L'oeil de Brassaï et Montmartre...

On peut conclure que cette photographie de Brassaï est un exemple du romanticisme autour de Paris. La ville a la réputation d’être artistique, belle, chic, et riche. Les photographies de Brassaï monte un Paris qui est parfait – tout qui n’était pas agréable au moment a été omise du cadrage. Mais comme c’est une photographie, le spectateur croit que la ville est exactement comme l’image à cause de processus mécanique de photographie. Cependant, bien que la photographie représente un lieu réel, c’est seulement une seconde de temps avec un cadrage spécifique. Brassaï a une collection de photographies qui ont été prises au bon moment – ils présentent le spectateur avec le meilleur point de vue et éclairage. Mais bien sûr, les images sont un rendu artistique de la réalité, et non pas le processus mécanique que certains associent à la photographie. C’est la même idée avec la vidéo, par exemple, le film Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulin réalisé par Jean-Pierre Jeunet en 2001. Le Paris dans le film est digitalement augmentée pour raviver les couleurs et effacer les graffitis. Et aussi, il n’y a pas de diversité culturelle dans les caractères de fond – intentionnellement. Et d’un point de vue historique, on peut dire que Paris a son image parfaite grâce à rendu artistique –juste prend Brassaï et Jeunet comme les exemples.




I’ve grown to love long car/bus/train rides because I can stare out the window and think. reflect. dream. decide. understand. and relax to music.

Photo courtesy of National Geographic Photo of the Day

P.S. There’s an application that allows your computer desktop to change daily to the National Geographic Photo of the Day. That way you can travel the world in over 10 megapixels from the comfort of your computer.