VegFest London 2016

I should probably start by saying… I’m not a vegan (despite having been to two vegan festivals in different countries in October!) I do have a few close friends/flatmates that adhere to that lifestyle and I’m quite health-conscious and sustainability-minded. But my favourite thing about the vegan community is their innovative and inventive spirit. Plenty of small business owners I met today said, “no one was meeting my needs, so I decided to make it for myself and others.” Who knew you could make blue cheese from cashew nuts? Or filling tacos using jack fruit?

Here are my top discoveries from today’s adventure:

1 . Black Seaweed Pearls (aka Vegan Beluga Caviar) from Cavia.


2. Hazelnut & Carob Spread (tastes exactly like Nutella, but has only 3 ingredients) from Nutural World. 

3. Organic Chufa de Valencia Tiger Nuts from The Tigernut Company . What on earth is a tiger nut? That was my question as well! It’s not actually a nut, it’s a small root vegetable, grown in a field and harvested in pretty much the same way as a potato. Known in Spain as the ‘Chufa, it’s a super little tuber, nutrient dense and packed with superfood qualities.

4. Soap Nuts by Living Naturally. It’s the 100% natural hypoallergenic alternative to laundry detergent. Clothes also come out soft and fresh, so no need for scent boosters or fabric softeners!

And for the branding – I’ve added:

5. Pepo Papa Pumpkin Seed Oil. This product screams ‘OCTOBER!’ and Autumn. A Hungarian-founded company just starting to get distribution in the UK.


D’être vegan à Paris


Je suis à Paris pour un long week-end. J’adore l’Eurostar – chaque fois que je le prends… j’ai l’impression que Europe est très proche à Londres et facile d’accès. Hier, je suis allé à une conférence végétalien parce que mon amie est vegan. Tu peux lire l’interview avec l’organisatrice du salon VeggieWorld Paris ici.

La chose qui m’a intéressée était qu’il y avait tant de «choses vegan» qui n’a pas la nourriture – vêtements, sacs, chaussures, soins de la peau, les sociétés, etc. Et les produits étaient vraiment créatif set utilisent des ingrédients naturels d’une manière innovante. À mon avis, les quatre meilleures marques étaient :

  1. The Dutch Weed Burger – Leur hamburger a une galette faite avec des algues, du pain avec chlorelle, et une sauce avec de la laitue de mer. Comme prévu… il est plus vert que d’habitude.  unknown
  2. Wheaty – Une gamme originale de produits végétaliens à base de Seitan alliant texture et saveur. Tous leurs produits sont bios, sans huile de palme et riches en protéines végétales.
  3. Matt & Nat – ils ont des sacs en cuir faux qui sont extrêmement chic.
  4. Fils De Pomme – J’ADORE leur image de marque. La bouteille de cidre est tellement bien conçue et ils se ventent comme un produit en bonne santé plutôt que un produit vegan.fils

Ce week-end en France est comme un rêve … maintenant je sors au marché pour le pain aux céréales! Je veux vivre dans cette ville encore une fois…

Is this even healthy?

I have a confession to make – I am easily swayed by the marketing of ‘healthy’ superfoods. I’m one of those people that became intrigued by chia seeds and engulfed by kale. I spend way too much money on things that are ‘gluten-free’ when I don’t have an intolerance. And that is a statistical fact verified by Lloyds Bank.

Whether or not these health fads are actually good for your body, no one can be 100% certain. So, I’m going to write down things that are labelled as ‘superfoods’ and revisit them in a year to see if any new research has surfaced (like a little digital time capsule). At least a few should have passed on without lasting on the shelves of Whole Foods or dent in the economy…

  1. Chia Seeds
  2. Almond/Cashew/Help/Oat/Rice Milk
  3. Matcha Powder
  4. Bee Pollen
  5. Pea Protein
  6. Coconut oil/milk/sugar/yogurt
  7. Gogi Berries
  8. Acai Bowls
  9. Sprouted/Activated Nuts
  10. Maca Powder
  11. Kale Chips
  12. Tumeric
  13. Activated Charcoal Water
  14. Flax Seeds
  15. Manuka Honey

Here are a few fads that have already proven they’re here to stay:

  1. Avocados
  2. Kale
  3. Beetroot
  4. Soy Milk

What’s better than the original? Actually, a lot of things!

What's better than the original? Actually, a lot of things!

1. Seedless Watermelon is better than original watermelon.
2. Lychee Juice is better than Lychee Fruit on its own.
3. Frozen Grapes are better than room-temperature grapes.
4. Dried Mango Slices are better than Ripe Mango.
5. Strawberries sprinkled with a little bit of sugar to balance the acidity.

P.S. I’m a fruit lover… can you tell?

And full disclaimer, this is just my personal taste and preference. Feel free to tell me your eating habits and preferences! There’s no reason why you have to like the original more than variations of it… even if a crunchy red apple is the best taste in the world.