Well that happened. 

As a Bulgarian – I got the right to free-movement working (without a visa) in January 2014. It’s been a great 2 and a half years of EU mobility for the United Kingdom, but I guess their fears have overcome their compassion. And this demonstrated the power of propaganda and proper advertising for political campaigns. And a catchy name #brexit

I may never understand what my parents experienced in their 20s when the Soviet Union fell and Bulgaria moved away from socialism to democracy (Hyperinflation, government corruption, and massive immigration changes). But I think this is starting to come close as I begin to experience to consequences of globalisation and the personal fears of living with political instability. I am disappointed, disturbed, and disillusioned by this ‘Leave’ vote.

In the last 5 years of living in the UK, I’ve experienced not only a 200% increase in student fees, but also massive changes to the EU regulations of free movement affecting immigrants in this country.

On the bright side, I’ve also seen London host the Olympic games, the Parliament legalise same sex marriage in England, the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, and the birth of two royal children. And I benefit from European initiatives such as ERASMUS. It’s been an amazing journey in this country (and I’m finally beginning to feel culturally assimilated), but we shall see where my story continues from here and how this Brexit vote affects London’s future.

Simple Fact about AIRPORT MORNINGS (and tales of travels):

Simple Fact about MORNINGS (and tales of travels):

I love eating breakfast at the airport. Why you might ask? Well, it’s quite simple, I love arriving at the airport extremely early to ensure that I have plenty of time and will not be stressed. And then, after checking in, getting my boarding pass, checking-in my bag, and passing airport security… I can finally plop down on a chair in a café or restaurant and leisurely wait for my plane to start boarding. The airport food is always better than the plane food, so I always stock up on calories for the journey. Plus, once you’re inside the terminals, you no longer have the giant bags and the opportunities to people watch are endless (businessmen, lovers, families, school trips, groups of foreign friends… you name it, Heathrow has it wandering around Terminal 2). But for me, the ultimate enjoyment originates from the peace of mind that comes from tranquilly waiting to board. I’ve already passed every hoop from packing to getting to the airport without 10 ml of liquids in your carry-on. I’ve never understood people who always arrive just before their flight. Aren’t you going to pass out from the stress of crossing an international border or the prospect of missing your thousand-dollar flight? But I guess people are different in their approaches to time management. Some don’t like waiting around, others don’t like last minute running through Gates B11-B34. I personally ALWAYS chose to enjoy my coffee and croissant with an hour and a half to spare; all while watching the woman in sweatpants dodge little children in hopes of making her flight (by the way, British Airways to Geneva is in Wing C, not Wing B). But I sigh as there’s nothing I can do to help her at this point… so I return to my latte, that has properly cooled down, to take the first sip of my calm wait for Chicago.