TableCrowd Business Dinners

What is Tablecrowd you ask? It’s a start-up founded by Kate Jackson in London that creates networking events around London based on specific topics. Watch the video for more information from Kate herself:

I’ve known Kate for over a year now and was delighted when she asked me to be a part of the  company. I’m now at the 3-month mark of being a dinner host for the company! And I’ve met everyone from Angel Investors to SEO experts to someone starting a company for hosiery subscriptions! If you live in London and enjoy sharing conversation over good food, check out the upcoming dinner: 


My latest BRUNCH adventures in London.


Forge & Co.

Address: 154-158 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6HU

What I ordered: Eggs florentine, americano, and immune boost smoothie 

Best Part: If you buy a glass of Prosecco at 10 and receive free re-fills throughout your Saturday Brunch. The atmosphere is the perfect mix of classy and chilled.


At home

Lemon & blueberry buttermilk pancakes with french press coffee w/soy milk


Best Part: You get to stay in your pjs, perfect your cooking skills, and relax with your flatmates in that lazy Sunday fashion. 


Duck & Waffle

Address: 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY

What I ordered: Duck egg en cocotte and filter coffee

Best Part: The view above London from the 40th floor, especially if you go in the early morning and see the sun rise. Weekend reservations are impossible to get, so I would recommend booking for an earlier time before work (6:30-7 AM reservation). 


Nama Food

Address: 110 Talbot Road, London W11 1JR

What I ordered: Lasagne Verdure and espresso with coconut milk

Best Part: If you’re feeling experimental and want to try something new, then vegan is the latest trend. Don’t confuse veganism as being the ‘healthiest’ or most ‘delicious’ option; however, it is definitely something to spice up a typical Saturday.


Nordic Bakery

Address: Multiple Locations in London

What I ordered: Filter coffee, egg & herring dark rye sandwhich and half a cinnamon bun

Best Part: The dark bread is great to purchase and take home as your weekly supply of delicious healthy bread. 

HOW TO make jam, compote, and memories in Bulgaria.

I spent this past week in Bulgaria. More precisely, I was in Sofia and a little town called Krichim visiting my grandparents, who are farmers. I absolutely love going to the countryside for the FOOD. Everything is locally grown, produced, created, and made… even down to the wine, vinegar, and jam. This time, I decided to write down and share my grandpa’s knowledge of jam making in my sketchbook.


Here is the general process… and I’ve included pictures! Enjoy and please DO try this at home if you have the time, patience, and equipment.

Instructions for Making Jam

  1. Wash the fruit
  2. Cut the plums in half and take out the seed
  3. Place all the fruit in a bowl
  4. Mix according to these proportions:
    • 2 bowls of fruit
    • 1 bowl of sugar
  5. Leave the mixture to soak overnight
  6. The next day, boil the mixture while constantly stirring and removing any foam that forms
  7. Boil until the jam until it reaches the proper thickness/consistency… which should take about 30 minutes
  8. Before removing from the flame, add one teaspoon of lemon juice
  9. After the plum mixture has cooled down, distribute the jam into jars
  10. Close each jar using the pressurized cap machine.
  11. Boil the jars again for 5-7 minutes
  12. Let the jars cool down and then store them for the winter months!

What’s your definition of Home?

What's your definition of Home?

Let’s face it…. coffee shops are like a third home for me. I use the word ‘ home’ pretty liberally in terms of locations and countries. But after three years, I really do feel like London is my home. And no place more than The Fleet Street Press – a coffee shop near the Strand Campus of King’s College London and the Maughan Library on Chancery Lane. That coffee shop has seen multiple essays develop; it has kept so many secrets; it has fed me brownies and chickpea spinach soup. I even knew this coffee shop when it was called Get Coffee (Let’s go to ‘get coffee’ … clever right?) and the same Italian barista that has worked there for the past 3 years. A bleak Tuesday, three years ago, I saw this small coffee shop offering a ‘Monkey Mocha’. I was intrigued by the name and discovered a chocolate/banana/orange creation in this perfect house of wifi and bathroom access. Since that day, I have never looked back. It will always be one of my FAVOURITE coffee shops in London.

Check out their website:

They also have a twitter with their daily clever coffee-board sayings!