What is it about advertising that fascinates people so much?

Firstly, advertising is innovative; it adapts to new technology faster than television or cinema since advertising is always looking to grab the public’s attention. For example, PIXAR was creating 3D animated commercials before the company set off to make the first feature-length film.

Secondly, the industry itself is trendy. For example, Mad Men has glamourized the advertising agency’s work of the 50s with its pictorial images and Don Draper. Plus, certain advertisements utilise famous celebrities; and thus, they draws on society’s enthralment of fame. And after all, adverting is the business of selling, so agencies also sell the business itself – perpetuating the idea of advertising as fascinating and innovative.

Thirdly, advertising taps into our fascination with ourselves to understand why and how we are influenced. For example, why certain taglines or jingles become viral in a certain culture? As an industry, advertising aims to identify human and social needs and find a way to satisfy them in a profitable way for a brand. Thus, from a sociological point of view, advertisements can reflect us back onto ourselves in a more stylish and sleek way.