A first attempt to export my animated film (on Piet Mondrian).

This is the first clip from my new animated short film about Abstract Paintings in Motion. It’s an artistic visualisation to original music by Pierre Tiberghien. This one is based on a painting by Mondrian, and there are two more videos to make in the series based on paintings by Kandinsky and Jackson Pollack. At 24 frames per second, this is taking longer than expected, but I always love a distant goal.

Also, I should warn you that the timing is off. I’m having difficulties with Adobe Flash on getting the animation to match the sound. Technology really is a love-hate relationship. More precisely… I love it when it works and hate it when it fails. In this case, it’s both.

Colour Box (Len Lye, 1935)

This video was inspiration for my own film Intonation. I love the merging of music and abstract images. A truly experimental and expressive form of art!

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Enjoy this lovely British animated short – created by painting directly on film – with cuban music. It was created way before I was using Aftereffects to make my film…