Full-Time Working Gal … in a Media Agency.

Ahhh… the bliss of Sunday! After my first two weeks of work, I have re-found my love of weekend relaxation. DSCN4644

I’m currently employed by Starcom MediaVest Group – a media agency – as a graduate media trainee in their London office. The program is a 13 week rotation scheme in order to gain exposure to different aspects of the business! The basis of media agencies, although difficult to explain at times, is their position between brands and consumers. The agency acts as the liaison between their clients [ ex. CineWorld ] and media owners [ex. The Guardian ]. With the data-driven research and expert knowledge, media agencies solve business problems through marketing campaigns. 

As a media planner…. here are some of the typical questions you would have to ask/answer:

1. From all the data on consumer behaviours, what is the one simple, meaningful insight into your target audience?

2. How can you use different media channels [press, radio, TV, outdoor, digital…] to create one unified message for the consumer? What do you want your brand experience to be? 

3. How well is your campaign performing? Can you optimise the budget to maximise the return on investment?

4. How are you going to get the right message in front of the right people at the right time? 


Thus far, media as a career path has only been positive! The industry is extremely young [ the average employee age is around 29 ] and very fast-paced [ with digital technology, the rate of change is faster than ever ]. The work is intellectually stimulating and heavily relies on communication and networking skills within the small world of brand managers and media owners. Despite being a niche speciality, there is plenty of opportunities for travel and career mobility. As an arts and humanities graduate, I was lost in the sea of Google search results which suggested I would never find a job. But they were wrong. I love my job. [ SMG has ‘hot desking’, running clubs during lunch, chalkboard walls, free cappuccinos, and hilarious brainstorming sessions.] At the moment, it’s not very well-paid, but hey, you gotta start somewhere! And in 5 years time, I’ll have the expertise, the salary, and the happiness. How about that? 

“Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.”

-Earl Nightingale

In search of creativity… where is it found? #art #sketchbook #artwork #notes #creative


Here are some of my artistic beliefs:

1. Creating rules, limitations, or specific projects can spark creative genius.

2. Fine art is not the only type of “ART.” A sketchbook should also contain notes, shopping lists, observations, and current worries.

3. An artist does not have ‘talent’ but the courage to try and the willingness to learn.

4. Art is a continual practice. And yes, you can lose it.

5. Create art for yourself, but aim to inspire others by boldly sharing your ideas and work.


I have recently started a new blog. It will probably fail… but that’s not going to stop me from trying. In fact, I promise to dye my hair bright pink if I ever reach over 1,000 Twitter followers or 1,000 Facebook likes. [Not sure it would be easy with my dark brown lion’s mane…] But there it is. I said it.

So…. start liking, commenting, following, and retweeting. My hope is that my Naïsbook Project will inspire you to be more creative and call yourself an ‘artist.’ You can read about the purpose and name of the project HERE. Or like my Facebook page solely because you want one more pink haired person in this world, I would be alright with that as well.

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HOW TO make jam, compote, and memories in Bulgaria.

I spent this past week in Bulgaria. More precisely, I was in Sofia and a little town called Krichim visiting my grandparents, who are farmers. I absolutely love going to the countryside for the FOOD. Everything is locally grown, produced, created, and made… even down to the wine, vinegar, and jam. This time, I decided to write down and share my grandpa’s knowledge of jam making in my sketchbook.


Here is the general process… and I’ve included pictures! Enjoy and please DO try this at home if you have the time, patience, and equipment.

Instructions for Making Jam

  1. Wash the fruit
  2. Cut the plums in half and take out the seed
  3. Place all the fruit in a bowl
  4. Mix according to these proportions:
    • 2 bowls of fruit
    • 1 bowl of sugar
  5. Leave the mixture to soak overnight
  6. The next day, boil the mixture while constantly stirring and removing any foam that forms
  7. Boil until the jam until it reaches the proper thickness/consistency… which should take about 30 minutes
  8. Before removing from the flame, add one teaspoon of lemon juice
  9. After the plum mixture has cooled down, distribute the jam into jars
  10. Close each jar using the pressurized cap machine.
  11. Boil the jars again for 5-7 minutes
  12. Let the jars cool down and then store them for the winter months!

Un peu “COMME UN BÂTEAU” (a bit of new french music)

Song by Indila. In her album Mini World.


Un peu comme un bateau
J’avance face à la mer
Je navigue sur les flots
Un peu comme un bateau
J’avance et je suis fière
De ce que porte mon dos
Un peu comme un bateau
Qui trouve son équilibre
Entre les vagues et le chaos
Un peu comme un bateau
J’avance et je suis fière
De ce que porte mon dos
Un peu comme un bateau. 

Translation of the chorus: 

A bit like a boat
I’m pushing ahead against the sea
I’m sailing over the waves
A bit like a boat
I’m pushing ahead and I’m proud
of what I’m carrying on my back
A bit like a boat
which finds its balance
between waves and chaos
A bit like a boat
I’m pushing ahead and I’m proud
of what I’m carrying on my back
A bit like a boat