Greatest Tampon Ad Ever. Here’s Why

Rethinking the Tampon Advertisement.

Science & Space

Adolescence has always been a bipolar time. Girls and boys with the minds of children and the rapidly developing bodies of adults must try to reconcile those opposing pulls—with all the psychic turbulence that characteristically results. In recent years, the struggle has  been especially hard for girls, for whom the age at which puberty begins has gone into free fall. As I reported in 2011, up to 40% of African-American girls, 30% of Latinas and 20% of Caucasian girls are now showing some breast development—typically the first indicator of puberty—by age eight. In the U.S., puberty in girls is not even technically considered  premature unless it begins before the eighth birthday.

Kudos then to HelloFlo, for launching a service and, much more important, a buzzworthy Internet ad that makes the hardest part of early puberty—the first period—not merely OK and unthreatening, but actually cool. HelloFlo’s product is straightforward enough—a…

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