Teaching Animation, Voice-over, and so much more.

So this summer I was a teacher for the animation class at the Orange County High School of the Arts Summer Camp. It ran for 5 weeks and taught high school students. I had an absolute blast and thought I would share one of my student’s work. Plus, I did the voice-over in one take with no warning. I’m considering switching my career prospective to Voice-over artist after this summer…

Animation by: Jay Burns (10th grade OCHSA student)



I once read a quote that said the quotes we remember speaks more about us than the quote itself. I know, that’s Inception status right there.

But if we’re being honest, one more fact about me: I’m a typography snob sometimes. Please learn the difference between serif and sans-serif… it will change your life. And the way you visually look at magazines.


A blog about data visualization: LINK HERE.

Big data and digital information are the future for graphic design. It’s becoming more and more important to understand how to visually representing large quantities of data.

Some blogs are pretty. Some are informational. This one happens to be both.