three things i love about being BULGARIAN.

1. Last names have a gender. If you’re a female, then your last name has an “a” – such as Violeta Todorova. If you are a male, then your last name does not have the “a” – such as Victor Todorov. It makes writing e-mails to an unknown person so much easier – always Mr. Todorov and Mrs. Todorova.

2. Everyone has a Name Day. On top of birthdays and Christmas, you are given another reason to celebrate! And the tradition is interesting as well: you are not suppose to invite people, but be prepared if they remember to randomly show up. It’s typical to bake something and buy chocolates to treat your guests. In Bulgaria, it’s tradition to “treat” others on your birthday and name day. Thus, it’s not only about you receiving gifts and flattery, which is a nice turn of dynamic.

3. On the first day of school or before important interviews, someone tosses a glass of water in front of the candidate and say, “I hope it goes as smoothly as water flows.” Then the candidate flows the water flow. It’s a ritual that has stuck with me – it makes me smile and relax about the journey ahead!

I think it’s important to stop and remember the religious, cultural, and family traditions that have made an impression on us. It’s important to recognize their importance if we are to pass them on to the next generation.

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